Over 2 Million Grown-Ups In LA Now Completely Vaccinated

A doctor in Los Angeles holds a vaccine.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has revealed that over 2 million individuals have got their coronavirus vaccine shots in this county. It expanded the eligibility for the vaccination to all grown-ups with no restriction. Therefore, over 70% of people aged above 65 years have got at least a single dosage.

Johnson & Johnson is yet to start distributing its vaccine again in the nation. Anyhow, the county has added Moderna or Pfizer’s vaccines to 70% of the said dosages.

As of April 19, 2021, over 10 million people in California have been completely vaccinated. Around 26 million vaccination was distributed throughout the state, whereas 51% of grown-ups got their first dosage at the least.

Further, there has been a 22% increase in COVID-19 positive cases throughout the nation as lockdown ordinances were lifted and businesses reopened. Anyhow, with the vaccination count going up in the US county, the department has said that increased rates of coronavirus transmission are not sure to happen in LA.

High transmission rates on the Eastern Seaboard have played a part in increases in LA County’s COVID-19 positive cases, said director of the department Barbara Ferrer. At the same time, Ferrer said that she does not feel that the pattern is inevitable. Ferrer also said that the county is in a situation different from the past since millions of its workers and residents were vaccinated. Anyhow, she underlined the importance of looking after each other to keep the gains that the county has made over the last few months.

There were 337 COVID-19 positive cases and 18 fatalities on April 19, 2021, but the figures possibly reflect delayed reporting from certain hospitals. There were 470 coronavirus-related hospitalizations, too, 96% fewer than the nation’s peak of hospital admissions in January.

Source: https://www.laweekly.com/more-than-2-million-adults-in-l-a-county-are-now-fully-vaccinated/