Meet Armand Peri, Nightclub Founder And Now PR Company Owner

Public relations and social media.

When he visited the US as a 12-year-old, Armand Peri hardly knew anything regarding the nation and its culture. He is now an author, investor, nightclub owner, and developer. There have already been over 300 articles featuring Peri, as well as quite a few magazine covers. Once, Ninja Outreach Influencer ranked Peri as the world’s number one bodybuilding influencer. The platform’s ranking is based on the follower count of Peri on Instagram to some extent.


When Peri first came to this nation, he only knew English to some extent. In spite of achieving things with odds stacked against him, Peri has been committed to becoming the best person at whatever he touched. Peri entered the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) as part of his search for greatness, with his education in the US as a foundation to dive into PR and technology fields.


Peri built his public relations company New Age with attention to every aspect. New Age offers boutique PR services to powerful people in their fields such as celebrities, movie producers, public figures, medical professionals, and others. Forbes, FHM Magazine, GQ, and Entrepreneur Magazine have all celebrated Peri’s work as a tribute to his quality of being excellent in media production and management.


Peri progressed his career with the book entitled ‘Unparalleled Success’, which has already earned a ‘best-seller’ status. It details his immigrant experiences as well as outlines his success story in the form of an American entrepreneur. Peri presently works as a nightlife entrepreneur, artist, and developer who creates brand concepts alongside his private investors and partners.


So, it is fair to say that the person who visited the US as a boy has overcome a lot of hurdles and many adversities to remain successful for a long time now. The personal brand of Peri is equivalent to elegance, manliness, and luxury as he serves as a guru for several other youngsters who seek to foray into public relations, real estate and modeling fields to be as great as him.


Despite achieving unparalleled success and a lot of wealth, Peri keeps building his nightclub business empire HunkOMania in major American cities. Anyhow, he has mostly been focusing on raising his kids with his spouse, Francielle Peri.


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