Quentin Tarantino Purchases Vista Theatre In Los Angeles

A movie theater in Los Angeles

Every indoor movie theater in LA was forced to shut down during the epidemic. Some cinema halls did not continue to exist throughout the year, but the Los Feliz-based Vista Theatre will reopen soon due to acclaimed filmmaker Quentin Tarantino.

The filmmaker announced his purchase of this theater during a recent episode of actor Dax Shepard’s podcast, the Armchair Expert. Tarantino said that Vista Theatre would screen new films that would come with film prints as well as older films. Describing Vista Theatre as a crown jewel, Tarantino stated that it would show the best film prints.

The acclaimed writer-director owns Los Angeles’s New Beverly Cinema as well. Fans felt that he might buy the Cinerama Dome along Sunset Boulevard since it features in the filmmaker’s last movie to hit the theaters. What added to the speculation is that the theatre often showed 35-millimeter versions of Tarantino’s movies. In April 2021, The Cinerama and the other locations of Pacific Theaters were closed permanently.

Vista Theatre was vandalized twice in the epidemic period, including as recently as on the US Independence Day. On July 04, 2021, the windows of the building were destroyed, and its cash register was thrown to the ground. Nevertheless, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that the perpetrators concerned did not take money in that most recent case of vandalism.

Source: https://www.laweekly.com/quentin-tarantino-buys-and-plans-to-reopen-historic-vista-theater-in-los-feliz/